Annual report, 2019

Thanks so much to Jeffrey for starting the annual report. Here is the current draft

The sections can be categorized into two areas; 1) an overall, NIC-wide narrative where we weave together all the work that has occurred in the NIC and describe next steps, and 2) a sequence of paragraphs that describe the work done at each university.

Hence I have two requests. By Friday Aug 2, can each university

  1. update their paragraphs in the “sequence” sections. When you have done so, can you resolve the “update” comment so that I know you have done so
  • Key Outcomes or Other Achievements:
  • What opportunities for training and professional development has the project provided?
  • What do you plan to do during the next reporting period to accomplish the goals?
  1. Update some of the text in the “NIC-wide” section
  • In the section *** What was accomplished under these goals (you must provide information for at least one of the 4 categories below)?** I have arranged the description of workshops into two groups; inclusion and tools faculty can use. Can you place and describe your interventions into these two groups? I took some text from the pre-Buffalo google form and put some starting text for some of you in there
  • In all the NIC-wide sections can you review and edit? There are some descriptions of the challenges and paths forward for the NIC that need your insight.

I think the annual report will be part of this Thur agenda


Craig (in Montana)