Apply by Friday (May 20)! Aspire Alliance IAspire Leadership Academy

The National Science Foundation-funded Aspire Alliance’s Institutional Change Initiative (IChange) is excited to announce it is accepting applications for the next IAspire Leadership Academy. The academy elevates the preparedness of academic leaders from underrepresented groups so they can aspire to and succeed in more senior leadership roles. This program offers fellowships to individuals from traditionally underrepresented groups (e.g. women in computer science or Latino/a and Black faculty in most STEM fields) currently in formal (e.g. department head) or non-formal (e.g. college-level committee chair) leadership roles in STEM higher education. Applications are due May 20, 2022.

IAspire Leadership Fellows will gain critical leadership skills across numerous competencies. They will have opportunities to learn how to lead more effectively in increasingly complex environments and build confidence to influence institutional transformation either in their current position or as they rise to other positions of leadership. The program fee for fellows (valued at $10,000) is reduced to $7,500 with the remainder covered by the NSF INCLUDES Grant.

Learn more and apply to the academy on the Aspire Alliance IAspire Leadership Academy site.