Assistant Professor of Human Physiology ,University of Nebraska-Lincoln

This is a non-tenure track position with a renewable three-year contract. The position has a primary instructional role and includes a small research/scholarship component. The successful candidate is expected to establish a strong instructional record by contributing to the undergraduate teaching mission of the School of Biological Sciences. The candidate will be expected to teach two high-enrollment courses or sections of a course in human physiology and human biology per semester, with the possibility of developing other courses of interest to the candidate. Additional areas of instructional expertise could include Cellular Biology, Physiology, Microbiology, Human Anatomy, or other Human Health-related subjects. Prior experience could include instruction in large biology-related lectures, coordination of teaching laboratory classes, and research on college biology education. The candidate will benefit from interacting with the active community of faculty engaged in teaching and learning research within the School and across STEM departments at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

To apply: