Biological Sciences Assistant Professor (Anatomy/Physiology) at Los Medanos College in the San Francisco


Los Medanos College is recruiting to fill a Biology full-time tenure track faculty position to teach Anatomy/Physiology courses at the Pittsburg campus starting Fall 2019.
Paper screening will take place January 28 – February 8, 2019.
Screening interviews will be held February 25 – March 8, 2019.
Final interviews will be held March 11 – 22, 2019.

Duties and Responsibilities

In addition to contractual duties, all full-time faculty are expected to participate actively in their disciplines, department activities, and the general intellectual life and governance of the college. Part of the teaching assignment may be in the evening and/or online. Duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  1. Advancing equitable student learning through dedicated, exemplary instruction in accordance with established course outlines;
  2. Participating in the assessment of student learning outcomes for courses and programs; developing and implementing student learning outcomes assessment processes for courses and programs;
  3. Collaborating in the development and revision of curriculum and in program review;
  4. Engaging in department program improvement initiatives;
  5. Participating in department, division, and college committees;
  6. Participating in professional development activities, both departmental and college-wide;
  7. Maintaining current knowledge in the subject matter area and effective teaching/ learning strategies;
  8. Maintaining appropriate standards of professional conduct and ethics;
  9. Informing students of course requirements, evaluation procedures and attendance requirements;
  10. Preparing and grading class assignments and examinations and informing students of their academic progress;
  11. Maintaining attendance, scholastic, and personnel records and submitting them according to published deadlines;
  12. Posting and holding sufficient and regular office hours in accordance with prevailing policy;
  13. Participating in College’s shared governance processes.


Master’s in any biological science
bachelor’s in any biological science AND master’s in biochemistry, biophysics, or marine science
A valid California Community College Instructor Credential authorizing full-time instruction in Biological Sciences
the equivalent.

  1. Excellent teaching ability, experience and education in the areas of Human Anatomy and Physiology, including human cadaver dissection and/or dissections of related organisms.
  2. Highly motivated to teach biology, specifically in a community college setting.
  3. Demonstrated understanding of and ability to work effectively with a diverse population of colleagues and students, especially in the area of modifying curriculum to suit student needs.


Application due: January 20, 2019