Delta Program Facilitator, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Delta Program Facilitator

March 8, 2022 at 11:55pm

Jobs at UW website, job number 252505-AS

The Delta Program in Research, Teaching and Learning, situated within UW-Madison’s Graduate School and a founding member of CIRTL, promotes the development of a future national faculty that is committed to implementing effective teaching and research mentoring practices for diverse student audiences. The Delta Program supports graduate students and postdoctoral scholars in becoming excellent teachers and research mentors, both now and in their future careers.

Delta is seeking a team member who will work with graduate students and postdocs to help them learn about and apply evidence-based teaching and research mentoring practices. Learner-centered and inclusive pedagogies are woven throughout these programs, and we seek colleagues who foster and promote values of diversity and equity in this work.

This position coordinates programming that prepares graduate students and postdocs from various disciplines to become effective mentors of undergraduate research mentees. Using a foundation of evidence-based and culturally-responsive mentoring practice, this position will develop and facilitate research mentor training programs, with both immediate and long-term applications to creating effective research mentoring relationships. Collaboration with colleagues across campus in the research mentoring space is an important part of this work. This position will also administer research mentor programming logistics, including recruitment, registration, evaluation, and communication. Additionally, this position will be able to contribute to the rich array of evidence-based teaching professional development opportunities within the Delta Program, from developing and facilitating programming to working with individual participants. This position joins a team of staff and faculty dedicated to improving teaching and research mentoring in higher education, and supporting graduate students and postdocs in preparing for their successful careers.

Delivers and assists with planning outreach program activities, strengthens partnerships, ensures adherence to policy, and assists with program administration to promote stable and productive relationships between the university and local community. Strives to expand and ensure access to programs, facilities, and educational services to diverse audiences. May assist with tracking and managing the outreach program budget.

  • 10% Identifies, promotes, and maintains external partnerships to support the outreach program
  • 10% Schedules and secures resources and communicates logistics in support of an outreach program
  • 25% Delivers outreach program content and materials to community members
  • 25% Researches, develops, and facilitates outreach program content and materials
  • 15% Develops and evaluates curriculum and programs and provides recommendations for improvement
  • 15% Leads the implementation of programs, policies, and procedures through oversight of day-to-day activities for program staff and student and community volunteers

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