Director of Professional Development in Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity in Engineering at UW-Madison

The Office of Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity in Engineering (IEDE) within the College of Engineering is looking for a Director of Professional Development in Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity in Engineering.

Application Deadline:
August 8, 2022

Job Summary:
Reporting to the Associate Dean for Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity in Engineering (IEDE), the inaugural Director of Professional Development in IEDE is a core member of the IEDE Office and will play a key strategic role in advancing the College’s vision to create a culture of belonging and inclusive excellence that empowers every individual at the College to thrive. For this new position, we seek a creative, highly qualified, experienced, strategic, and accomplished professional to design, implement, and evaluate programming that enhances the culture and climate at the College of Engineering and supports the ongoing professional development of all members of our community in areas of inclusion, equity, and diversity in engineering.

The ideal candidate will be a skillful, emotionally-intelligent facilitator/educator, and relationship-builder who designs innovative programming based on identified needs, community feedback, perspectives, and insight to advance cultural transformation at the College of Engineering; be resilient, agile, and willing to fail forward and learn from mistakes; be self-reflective and self-aware of their own biases, intersecting identities, and positionality across different spaces; hold compassion and kindness as core values in supporting individuals, departments, and units at different levels of development in areas of inclusion, equity, and diversity; be committed to designing professional development programming grounded on the best available evidence and responsive to participant and College needs.

Specifically, in the early stages of the position, the Director will gain awareness of the programming currently provided by the IEDE Student Center, the Center for Innovation in Engineering Education, the Collaborative for Engineering Education and Teaching Effectiveness, the Women in Science and Engineering Leadership Institute (WISELI), and other College and campus units and collaborate with their leadership and staff in the implementation of integrated programming; develop new specialized programming in IEDE (learning communities, affinity groups, fellowships, workshops, book groups, enduring online educational content, etc.) in response to the specific needs of the College of Engineering and/or a given department within the College; provide consultation, small and large group facilitation, coaching, and counsel as necessary in response to IEDE-related needs; develop and maintain a comprehensive tracking and assessment system in support of a culture of accountability to document attendance of college faculty, staff, and students to professional and community development programs; work with the Office of IEDE Communications Specialist in the design and strategic maintenance and marketing of a webpage that centralizes all professional development opportunities for members of the College.

The Director will work very closely with the Associate Dean to ensure alignment of all professional and community development efforts with the broader strategic vision, priorities, and goals of the Office of Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity in Engineering.

Required Qualifications:

  • Four (4) or more years of experience designing, implementing, facilitating, and evaluating professional development programming in inclusive excellence, equity, diversity, belonging, and/or social justice in higher education. Experience with these aspects of professional development programming in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine) is a plus.
  • Experience working with faculty members, staff members, and students from a variety of backgrounds.
  • Experience working with underrepresented/minoritized individuals in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine) and/or the U.S. higher education system.
  • Very well versed in the literature/evidence base on inclusion, diversity, equity, belonging in areas including but not limited to teaching, advising, training, organizational development, or related field.
  • Demonstrated commitment to self-improvement and personal growth in emotional intelligence, intercultural competence, and interpersonal and communication skills.

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Do not hesitate to reach out to me with questions.

Thank you!

Dr. Christian A. Castro
Associate Dean, College of Engineering
Office of Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity in Engineering