Division of Biological Sciences Student Programs Coordinator, UC San Diego

Primary responsibilities of the Student Programs Coordinator (Academic Coordinator) will include: partnering with instructors teaching in the Division of Biological Sciences to develop and administer assessments measuring student achievement of core competencies and readiness to succeed in gateway courses; analysis of data gathered from such assessments; coordinating and contributing to efforts to act on assessment outcomes to improve our program and provide targeted support for at-risk students; keeping abreast of best practices in the area of program assessment and student success including maintaining a close partnership with leaders of related initiatives in other units at UCSD; creating and leading initiatives aimed at improving the cultural climate for diverse student subpopulations in our program; coordinating and supporting new academic programs we are developing as part of UCSD’s Strategic Academic Program Development initiative (https://evc.ucsd.edu/initiatives/sapd/index.html).

The successful candidate is expected to have the following skills, abilities, knowledge and experience:
• Understanding of the educational and cultural needs of diverse student subpopulations, and a demonstrated commitment to inclusion in educational programs
• Excellent communication skills and cross-cultural abilities needed to maximize effective collaboration with a diverse community of faculty, students, and other campus colleagues
• Experience or strong interest in assessment of student achievement of learning goals at both course and program levels, and identification of barriers to student success
• Demonstrated ability or potential to provide educational leadership aimed broadly at program improvement through proactive interaction with faculty and students throughout the Division of Biological Sciences
• Substantial breadth of knowledge in biology as evidenced by a Ph.D. or Master’s degree in biology (or a related field)
• Demonstrated expertise in analysis of large datasets including use of statistical methods
• Demonstrated success in undergraduate, college-level teaching in the field of biology (which may be as a TA, tutor or coach)
• Outstanding organizational and project management skills

Apply here: https://apol-recruit.ucsd.edu/JPF02311