HMX Scientific Content Writer & Editor

HMX is an educational initiative at Harvard Medical School dedicated to creating fully online courses on foundational and cutting edge topics in medical science. These courses are led by Harvard Medical School faculty, working in collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team of experts in biomedical visualization, assessment, and the science of learning. The instruction is based on principles derived from educational research to improve learning and retention, and relies on best practices in scientific visualization.

Reporting to the Associate Director of Curriculum in the Office for Online Learning (HMX), the Scientific Content Writer & Editor will work with the HMX curriculum team to evaluate, create, and improve content for the new and existing HMX Courses and Topics and contribute to the overall curriculum team development.

The Scientific Content Writer & Editor is responsible for reviewing and editing all new HMX materials for content accuracy and improving scientific communication. They will also work with the HMX Curriculum Leads to create specific course and marketing materials for the new HMX Pro Courses and Topics in the genetics, pharmacology, AI, and immunology series. The Scientific Content Writer & Editor is also responsible for overseeing the evaluation and maintenance/improvement of the current HMX courses in the physiology, biochemistry, genetics, pharmacology, and immunology series. This includes responsibility for review of current course materials and qualitative student feedback, and drafting updates as needed. The Scientific Content Writer & Editor may also contribute to the research goals at HMX by helping to write and submit scientific articles based on the qualitative and quantitative data obtained from the HMX courses. This position is designed for early career scientists who are interested in scientific communication and content development.

Content review and editing

  • Review of all new HMX Pro course assets for accuracy of content, grammar and punctuation, and for areas where clarity of scientific communication could be improved including assessment questions, teaching videos, and explorable interactive diagrams
  • Review of early drafts and outlines of HMX course assets including scripts, interview questions, and video drafts
  • Lead courses updates by evaluating the effectiveness and continued accuracy of existing HMX offerings; recommend and draft updates to the courses
  • Responsible for the quality assurance of new HMX materials and offerings on the learning management system

Content development

  • Create course materials for new HMX Pro Courses or Topics, in collaboration with other curriculum team members including animation scripts, course content text pages, and study materials
  • Lead the creation of publicly accessible content and content-focused marketing materials, in collaboration with the curriculum and creative media teams, including public-facing web page content, new course trailer scripts and outlines, new course previews, and marketing quizzes for social media


  • Contribute to writing and submission of research articles based on qualitative and quantitative data obtained from the HMX courses
  • Contribute to research investigating the impact of the program on student learning and engagement

Curriculum Team Development

  • Contribute to curriculum team efforts to brainstorm, create, and ensure the quality of new teaching modalities and materials across course series

Basic qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience required
  • Minimum of 5 years’ relevant work experience

Desired qualifications and qualities

  • PhD in the biomedical sciences is strongly preferred.
  • Excellent organizational, time management, and planning skills
  • Well-developed writing and self-editing skills, with an intense attention to detail
  • Experience working with film or video preferred, either in a scriptwriting or production capacity
  • Track record of working in highly collaborative team settings
  • Commitment to tackling new topics and problems with creativity and enthusiasm
  • Demonstrated interest in science communication or a track record of excellent science communication, in-person or online
  • Strong interest in online education and the applications of technology in higher education

Application process: