Instructor / Curriculum Lead (Professor 2.0), Udacity

At Udacity, we build online curriculum in the areas of A.I. and Machine Learning, Data Science, Robotics, Mathematics, Cybersecurity and much more. We are hiring instructors and curriculum developers across all programs and you need not be an expert in any of these topics to apply. We want expert teachers with a technical background in math and programming, and that’s why we’re reaching out to the CIRTL network.

I’m Ryan Keenan, a UW Madison alum (PhD 2011, Astronomy) and CIRTL network member. At UW I got the chance to work with Bob Mathieu, one of the founders of CIRTL, in learning how to make teaching part of my research and enhance learning through community and diversity. The skills I learned through CIRTL have been directly applicable to my work as a curriculum lead at Udacity, where we employ learning best practices, iterate with a data driven approach and work closely with a diverse global community of students. I call it “Professor 2.0”, the faculty job I always dreamed of, but never knew existed!

Feel free to send me an email at to chat about opportunities at Udacity. You can have a look at current openings at under the “Learning Products” tab.