Lecturer- NTID STEM Academy/ Transition


The Summer Transition Education Program (STP) is a six-week, intensive college-preparation program. The Instructional Lead/Curriculum Developer will be responsible for creating instructional and supplementary resource materials and administering classroom and standardized assessments for the Summer Transition Education Program (STP) department. Primary responsibilities include, but are not limited to: creating new and identifying resources for course content as well as appropriate assessments in Math, English reading and writing, and American Sign language, socio-emotional and college-readiness skills; review and implement educational and assessment software and related materials for each course; mentor and coach; coordinate assessment administration with course instructors, observe and provide feedback to instructors, develop procedures for implementing curricula; model and co-teach lessons; assist with the collection and analysis of assessment data; documenting assessments and course outcomes; coordinate assist with modifications to course curricula based on assessment data; model and co-teach lessons; participate in meetings with instructional staff; and provide support and back-up to the program directors as needed.

We are seeking an individual who has the ability and interest in contributing to a community committed to student centeredness; professional development and scholarship; integrity and ethics; respect, diversity and pluralism; innovation and flexibility; and teamwork and collaboration. We are seeking individuals who are committed to RIT’s core values, honor code, and statement of diversity.


  • Advanced degree (indicate specific field, if required): MS in Deaf Education
  • 2+ years in a K-12 Deaf Education setting: mainstream, a school for the deaf, or itinerant.
  • American Sign Language level of Advanced or better on the Sign Language Proficiency Interview (SLPI)


Apply online at Job Search Welcome | Rochester Institute of Technology; search openings, then Keyword Search 7230BR. Please submit your application, curriculum vitae, cover letter addressing the listed qualifications and upload the following attachments:

A brief teaching philosophy

The names, addresses and phone numbers for three references

Contribution to Diversity Statement