Lincoln Presentation


Please complete your edits and comments on the case studies by the close of business on Tuesday.

Please review and comment/edit the ppt slides for the Lincoln presentation. The file is marked draft and can be found in the Meetings folder.

At the meeting, the total number of people expected is about 75. We will stay in the main room and the groups will work at the tables. Hollie and Kitch have created 12 google docs so that the groups can take notes on the case study discussion.

Not sure how we will document the group discussion.

As a reminder, the tentative schedule:

10 minutes - Introduction

30 minutes - Small group

30 minutes - Large Group

5 minutes - Wrap-up


Jeff, I cannot find the presentation. Can you post a link to the file?



The only presentation I drafted was for the DMWG. Or I could be confused
since I am a bit jetlagged at the moment.


OK. My confusion. Took me a while to decide what DMWG was though…