New MOOC from Cornell - Teaching and Learning in the Diverse Classroom

I share below a message from my colleagues at Cornell’s Center for Teaching Innovation about a new EdX course they have developed and previously offered only locally.
Colleen McLinn
Executive Director, CIRTL at Cornell

Dear educator,

We’re writing from Cornell University’s Center for Teaching Innovation to announce that registration is now open for the new massive open online course (MOOC) for educators, “Teaching & Learning in the Diverse Classroom,” one of the first online courses to guide instructors in exploring frameworks and strategies for building and sustaining inclusive learning environments. The course features real stories from Cornell students and faculty, opportunities for reflection, and key research on inclusion and student-centered learning. You can watch an introductory video here.

U.S.-based and higher education-centered, the five-week, instructor-paced online course runs from November 4-December 9, 2019 at and is for anyone with teaching responsibilities, at any level of diversity expertise. Participants will explore strategies for inclusive course design, social identity and self-reflection, and pedagogical practices that effectively support student engagement and belongingness across difference. Registration is open now. Learners can participate in a verified or audit track. The certificate fee is $49, and one additional benefit of the verified track, beyond the certificate itself, is that the course remains open to the learner after course-end.

For faculty, teaching centers, or others wishing to create learning communities or cohorts that take the course together, we recommend weekly face-to-face meetings. If you are interested in leading a faculty learning community on your campus, please indicate your interest in receiving the facilitator’s guide to help establish and support a cohort of learners who meet face-to-face. The guide includes tips to consider as you plan for the fall, and suggestions for discussion prompts and activities tied to the modules. In case it comes in handy, here is a video with some faculty testimonials about the course (responding to the Cornell pilot sections). And the research on MOOCs is clear that “taking the course with a friend” increases motivation to complete.

All best wishes,

Matt Ouellett & Melina Ivanchikova

Melina Ivanchikova
Associate Director for Inclusive Teaching

Center for Teaching Innovation
415A Computing and Communications Center
235 Garden Avenue
Ithaca, NY 14853
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