Post Doctoral Project Coordinator, COS School of Chemistry and Materials Science, Rochester Institute of Technology

The Post Doctoral Project Coordinator will be working on NSF Award DGE-1633275 with RIT and the American Physical Society. The project is titled “Collaborative Research: NRT-IGE: Deploying Holistic Admissions and Critical Support Structures to Increase Diversity and Retention of US Citizens in Physics Graduate Programs.”

This project will pilot targeted interventions in US graduate physics programs to increase the access to, and retention of, women and underrepresented minorities in PhD physics programs. The project coordinator will develop workshop and training materials, conduct workshops, interact with project partners, and conduct research around diversity and inclusion in PhD physics programs. The project coordinator will also create and administer interview protocols and surveys to understand faculty and student attitudes toward admissions and retention; analyze qualitative and quantitative data from interviews and surveys; and communicate results to others in higher education and STEM education and diversity research through published papers and conference presentations.

Minimum Qualifications

  • PhD in Physics, Physics Education Research, Higher Education Research, or related field
  • Ability to write formal papers and present talks at conferences
  • Good interpersonal communication skills

Preferred Qualifications

  • Preference is given to candidates with previous experience in or with any of the following:
  • In the physical science community
  • With qualitative research methods in education, including use of standard tools like NVivo, conducting interviews, or developing surveys
  • With quantitative research methods in education, including use of standard statistical software tools like SPSS, SPSS-Amos, or R

Required Application Documents

  • Curriculum Vitae or Resume
  • List of References

How to Apply
In order to be considered for this position, you must apply for it at: Click the link for search openings and in the keyword search field, enter the title of the position or the BR number.
Position Title: Post Doctoral Project Coordinator
BR Number: 2774BR

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