Postdoc for NSF Inclusive STEM Teaching Project

Dear recent or about-to-be PhDs and current postdocs:

The NSF-funded Inclusive STEM Teaching Project is a large, nationwide project to train current and future faculty in inclusive teaching. We are seeking to hire a postdoc to support its research efforts described briefly here. The postdoc would join an extensive research effort supported by scholars from University of Utah, University of Wisconsin-Madison and Northwestern University. We are planning to submit a supplement under NSF 21-066, Dear Colleague Letter: Supplemental Funding for Postdoctoral Researchers to Mitigate COVID-19 Impacts on Research Career Progression. Funding would begin on or after January, 2022. The postdoc position would be for two years, located at Northwestern, with the possibility of remote work depending on local protocols. This position is contingent upon receiving the supplemental funding. As part of the application process NSF requires us to identify the specific postdoctoral candidate we intend to hire and submit their application materials together with our proposal.

The Inclusive STEM Teaching Project is an 5-year, NSF-funded program that has built a seven-week online course that engages in deep reflection and discussions around topics of equity and inclusion in learning environments across a variety of institutional contexts. The course is designed to improve the awareness, self-efficacy, and ability of doctoral students, postdocs, and faculty to create inclusive STEM learning environments for their students. It is built on the edX MOOC platform with asynchronous online activities as well as optional, synchronous Zoom learning communities facilitated across the country by project-trained facilitators.

Our first course run in July attracted 1000+ engaged learners, more than 56% of whom completed. We are currently in our second course run and will continue twice a year for the next two years at a minimum. The first two course runs have garnered nearly 1000 faculty who have consented to participate in our research study.

Please contact Bennett Goldberg

Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Faculty Director, Program Evaluation Core
Northwestern University

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