Research Social Scientist/Natural Resource Biologist

For full announcement, visit; Job Announcement Number 21-RES-11155061-DP-JN

For additional information about the Institute or the duties of this position, please contact Jason Taylor at or 406-550-1079.

Note: Posting open for applications from 7/6/2021 to 7/19/2021, or until 50 applications are received- whichever would be sooner.


At the interagency Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute, this research scientist will develop impactful lines of research and partnerships related to understanding and improving the relevance of Federally designated Wilderness to communities who have been historically underrepresented and/or under-resourced.


  • Plan and conduct research in a series of phases and studies for problems which are sometimes difficult to define or for which there is no prior analog.
  • Utilize sophisticated research techniques with emphasis on discovering and synthesizing knowledge to support planning frameworks, policy making, public engagement, and/or management applications.
  • Integrate scientific principles with a wide range of advanced analytical approaches and incorporate novel and innovative methods to conduct research.
  • Collaborate with researchers from other disciplines and institutions (e.g., universities, federal agencies, tribes, NGOs) and varied publics to propose, plan, carry out and report research.
  • Disseminate research results through multiple avenues such as lectures, scientific journals, technical reports and research papers, conferences, popular literature, and direct interactions with groups interested to use research results.
  • Develop strategies for understanding and addressing problems through adapting, confirming, or modifying existing scientific theory or methodology.
  • Develop lines of research using methods and tools that can be translated into meaningful investigation on the relevance of outdoor/natural/public lands and spaces to communities who have been historically underrepresented and/or under-resourced.
  • Integrate science on social/cultural systems and ecological systems to answer important questions related to the management of outdoor/natural/public lands and spaces.
  • Lead knowledge transfer and community engagement events (workshops and field visits) as a major aspect of conducting and disseminating research.