**Scientific Teaching Short Course**

Scientific Teaching Short Course

The Scientific Teaching Short Course is a 6-week workshop led by educators and expert facilitators of the Summer Institutes who will provide comprehensive training in the fundamentals of designing student-centered, remote courses that address human needs in our current teaching and learning environment. Participants will complete 2 hours of synchronous reading before engaging in 2-hour synchronous class with a student’s-eye-view as course instructors model remote teaching strategies every Wednesday afternoon from 3-5pm ET/ 12-2pm PT. Additionally, participants will find far-reaching networking opportunities, peer group support, and a wealth of teaching ideas in joining the Summer Institutes learning community. Class titles include:

  • Building Community in Online and Remote Courses
  • Fostering Student Engagement and Interaction in the Remote Environment
  • Beyond Techniques: A Phenomenological Approach to Inclusive Teaching
  • Choosing and Using Effective Online Formative Assessments
  • Learning Theories: Applications in Remote Classrooms
  • Constructing Lab and Fieldwork Lessons for Remote Classes

To learn more or register for either fall workshop (starting on September 16 and October 21), visit: https://go.macmillanlearning.com/register-Scientific-Teaching-Short-Course.html#register