Setting up learning community email notifications

Once you have an account on the CNC ( we recommend updating your email preferences with the following steps. For detailed instructions on various email options for community discussion boards, see this guide:

  1. Enable email notifications via your CNC profile.
    Click your profile icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen (to the right of “MORE” in the menu banner), then click “EDIT PROFILE.” Go to “ACCOUNT SETTINGS” and check the “Receive email notifications?” box.

  1. Update your email preferences for community discussion boards.
    Click on a discussion post in the Partners in Teaching and Learning community to be redirected to the community discussion boards. If you receive a login prompt, re-enter your CNC credentials and check the “Keep me logged in” box. Click on your initial in the upper right-hand corner, then the gear icon beneath it to open your preferences. Select “Emails” from the left sidebar, then update the settings circled in red below to receive weekly digests of activity that happens when you’re not logged into the site.