Teaching Assistant Positions in Biocore, UW-Madison

The Biology Core Curriculum is now accepting applications from graduate students who are interested in lecture or laboratory teaching assistantships in Evolution, Ecology, and Genetics (Biocore 381/382) or Principles of Physiology (Biocore 485/486) for Fall Semester 2020. Appointments may be from 33.4% to 50% of full time, depending on the candidate’s other appointments and the number of discussion sections or labs taught. Candidates interested in Biocore 381/382 should have strong backgrounds in genetics and ecology. Candidates interested in Biocore 485/486 should have familiarity with anatomy and physiology of plants and animals.

For further information about the Biocore Program and these courses see http://biocore.wisc.edu.

Send completed application to Carol Borcherding (carol.borcherding@wisc.edu) - Deadline for application is Friday, April 3, 2020. Teaching_Assist_App_f20.pdf](https://trello-attachments.s3.amazonaws.com/5c2cebb4aafaf25950865996/5d1ce934bcd0bf2e2f71cba7/06012311e3081d157964a7b89c750763/Teaching_Assist_App_f20.pdf)