Timing notification, details to follow: My Voice, My Story Train-the-Trainer

Cornell University will be hosting a 1.5-day My Voice, My Story Train-the-Trainer retreat in Ithaca, New York on Monday, December 16 (all day) and Tuesday, December 17 (ending by 2 or 3 pm ET). The audience is faculty and staff who wish to be trained as facilitators in best practices for running graduate climate workshops using the My Voice, My Story video monologues specifically, and have the ability to do so on their home campuses as part of their roles.

The training will be focused on the design philosophy, use, and practice with facilitating faculty/staff or student/postdoc workshops and discussions around the video monologues. There will be a mix of prospective new trainers from around Cornell University and from those in the AGEP CIRTL Alliance. (So far, we have had interest from UGA, UMD, UTA, NU).

Registration interest form and more information to follow. We have secured the dates and conference room venue so far, and are working out the rest of the details. Sara and Colleen will be the main facilitators for the train-the-trainer, and you can ask us questions at sh267@cornell.edu or cmm252@cornell.edu